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555 Amanda Roe can

– 600 g CAN ambient –

555 Amanda Roe can

555 Amanda Roe is a traditional, tasty, and nutritious delight, packed with protein and vital Omega-3 fatty acids. As a favourite at Fish and Chip shops, it stands out for its easy storage and use. Simply cut it into your preferred shapes, dip it in batter, fry, and it’s ready to be served with chips and peas in your pub, restaurant or catering outlets.

The versatility of 555 Amanda Roe offers numerous menu extension possibilities, e.g., as a modern-style crispy panko fish cake or as lightly fried cubes in salads, 555 Amanda Roe enhances your culinary options. With its convenience and quality, 555 Amanda Roe remains the go-to choice for an enjoyable seafood meal.

Ingredients: Fish roe 55%, water, rapeseed oil, tomato concentrate, salt, thickeners: carrageenan, locust bean gum.
Fully preserved.

Rethink 555 on the menu

Multiple ways of cutting and serving – open it,
cut it, batter or bake it,
and serve it