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555 Amanda Roe

- the Ideal Seafood Meal

In the mid-1950s, our company pioneered an innovative product: pressed Roe in cans. This marked the inception of an industrial product that evolved into a significant success, initially in Denmark and subsequently internationally.

In the UK, the product is primarily recognized as 555 Amanda Roe, available in
Fish and Chip shops as Cod Roe and Chips.

The “555” designation signifies the authorization number assigned to each factory, ensuring product identification from every manufacturer. Our number, 555, established in 1916, marked the initial step toward traceability for each supplier.

Explore our options and ranges within this site, www.555amanda.co.uk, for additional details about our 555 Amanda Roe products, including specifications, general information, captivating photos, videos, and some exciting recipes demonstrating the versatility of this healthy sustainable product.

In today’s health-conscious market, the addition of Omega-3 essential fatty acids elevates your product and highlights its nutritional value on your menus.

All about Taste

Delicious texture, which
suits different tastes 
and preferences

Greater Emphasis on Innovation

& Future Product Development

We have recently introduced an exciting product in a sausage-shaped format, enveloped in a refined black foil to enhance shelf life for foodservice and manufacturers alike.

Notably, this packaging is eco-friendly. The adoption of this new packaging allows us to present our Roe as an ambient product with a shelf life exceeding 9 months.

The product is offered in two sizes – 500 g and 1.2 kilograms – catering to various foodservice and manufacturing needs as an ideal companion.

Fit for Storage

Available as canned
and in a new foil-wrap
– both are shelf stable
ambient products

Great Nutrition

555 Amanda Roe
contains high levels of
protein and Omega-3
fatty acids

Rethink 555 on the Menu

Great Value for Money

A popular, high-quality
product and a unique
profit maker