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Steve Walpole

Our Professional chef & consultant

Amanda Seafoods takes pride in cooperating with Steve Walpole as a valuable member of our food invention team. Collaborating with Steve, we’ve crafted numerous delicious and creative recipes featuring 555 Amanda Roe, specifically tailored to showcase cod roe as a versatile ingredient and a tasty menu extension.

The recipes are freely available to end-users. You can download them as PDFs from this site under the Recipes section.

Steve Walpole is a renowned development chef and food consultant in the UK, having over 25 years of experience in the food sector. His culinary journey commenced at the age of 15 when he managed a Saturday job at a local restaurant. He then chose to undergo chef training at the prestigious Westminster Kingsway College.

Steve’s initial role led him to the kitchens at the House of Commons, setting the stage for his continuous exploration and development of skills and expertise at various high-profile restaurants and hotels.

Introducing delicious and
inspiring recipes created
by Steve Walpole